Hi! I’m Andrew, also known as Mirrexagon. I’m a Software Engineering student hailing from Australia.

I love programming, and my favourite languages are Lua and Rust. Check out my GitHub profile!

My operating system of choice is NixOS, a neat Linux distribution with a declarative and functional (as in functional programming) take on package management and system configuration.

I also sometimes make music, usually in the style of demoscene music. Take a look at the music section!

I have been known to occasionally write fiction, and do vector and 3D art.

This is my personal website, built with Jekyll. Currently it mainly serves as a repository for my music, but I’ll probably expand it in the future. Right now, it’s basically the default Jekyll site with some modifications. Source is here.

Logo made with Inkscape. It’s literally just “Mirrexagon” in the Altera 6 font, except the “o” is replaced with a hexagon.